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www.iphoto.coloraid.de Use KWLee's tools to make your own ICC scanner profiles. Use them to get the best color out of your scanner. Also available are generic ICC profiles for many devices and software for browsing ICC profiles (for the experts that is). Of course, everything is free. [Server is offline. You can read/recover via www.archive.org]

www.dsc.coloraid.de Use KWLee's IPhoto DSC EXIF image viewer can display many file formats using a color management. Various image processing functions can be applied. EXIF information stored by digital cameras and other items can be displayed: capture date, Aperture, F Number and more.

www.targets.coloraid.de You are looking for cheap IT 8.7/2 and 8.7/1(ISO 12641) calibration photo's for your scanner? These calibration images can be used with various software (see above) in order to generate color profiles. Use them to get the best color out of your scanner. Wolf Faust does offer low cost targets on this site.

www.ics.coloraid.de ICS is a free CMS and scanner profiling software for the AmigaOS from Wolf Faust. It allows color correcting basicly any scanner on the Amiga.

www.lcms.coloraid.de Programmers can use Marti's little color management system library. The library implements a complete ICC compatible color management and tools for converting image data are also available. Source is provided.

Note: Marti has discontinued the Windows and Linux profiler construction set (lprof) on his website and development is now continued by others. Users can now find the latest versions on http://sourceforge.net/projects/lprof. While the latest lprof version is much improved, you can still find the last V1.09 release from Marti on Gerard Klaver site in case you have problems getting the latest lprof running on your system. Or you can use www.archive.org to recover Marti's original http://www.littlecms.com/profilers.htm website.

www.gcms.coloraid.de GCMS, the Generic Colour Management System from András Major, is aimed at providing a free alternative to commercial colour management tools, and offers direct printing support.

www.gimp-color-manager.coloraid.de The Gimp color manager is a plug-in that makes it possible to apply ICC profiles to images in Gimp to import scanned images or to prepare an image for printing.

www.scarse.coloraid.de Scarse is a free color calibration software package from Andrei for Linux and other Unices. Build and use ICC profiles on your Unix box! Custom scanner profiles can be generated from variety of calibration targets.

ICC Examin, can be used as a viewer for ICC profiles, measurement data (CGATS), argylls gamut vrml visualisations and video card gamma tables. It shows image colours in 3D, like in CinePaint and is available on Linux/unix/osX.

www.testdata.coloraid.de Users, reviewers and profile software developers find usefull data for testing scanner profiling software on this site. Lot's of scans of individually measured color patches.

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