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The Free AmigaOS Scanner Color Calibration Software

ICS allows color calibrating basicly any scanner using scanner calibration photos (targets). Standard IT 8.7 (ISO 12641), various Corel and Epson targets are supported. The software can work independent of any Amiga scanner drivers, but works best with scanner software directly calling ICS for you (ScanQuix V4 or V5, ScanTrax, ImageFX, FXScan).

Using the ICS software is fairly easy. Install using the provided standard Installer program. Scan the calibration photo with your scanner and generate a scanner profile. The profile can than be selected in the ICS preferences program and defines the color correction performed. Also, you can adjust the type of display the color correction is made for. Once done, further scans with the ICS enabled scanner driver will automaticly result in perfect scans.

Scan from UMax Astra scanner
Same image scanned with ICS for an Eizo T660/9300K/Gamma 1.8 monitor

The system requirements of ICS are: Amiga with OS 2.04 or higher. Next you need a calibration target. For best results, use a calibration target according to the ANSI IT 8.7/2 (ISO 12641) standard. These are available from Kodak, Agfa, Fuji or for a very low price from In case you don't have a target, you can find generic profiles for various scanners in the ICSProfiles.lha file listed below. Use them only as last resort until you do have a real target photo for scanning. Despite the same brand/model, these generic profiles might not work with your scanner as each scanner is different!

Following new features have been added to V2 of ICS:

For further questions contact the author Wolf Faust.


Important: please note that german law applies on this site. Downloads from users outside germany are made on their own risk. It is up to the foreign downloader to respect his local law or customs.

Download ICS V2.03 from this german site (programs do not expire anymore!):

ICS.lha (2.5MByte; main software incl. manual, english/german/french/spanish catalogs included).
ICSProfiles.lha (200KByte; optional generic scanner profiles - limited quality).
ICSmanlj.lha (1.3MByte; optional manual as 300dpi Laserjet dumpfile).
ICSmanljd.lha (1.3MByte; optional German manual as 300dpi Laserjet dumpfile).
ICSmanps.lha (0.6MByte; optional manual as PostScript dumpfile).
ICSmanpsd.lha (0.6MByte; optional German manual as PostScript dumpfile).

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