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How to scan the profiler test set
(unfinished, work in progress)

by Wolf Faust, last edited July 3, 2006


This document described how to scan the provided test charts from . It only provide a guidance on how to scan the charts and should not be taken as requirement.

Preparations and handling

Each user receives five framed slide films and/or five reflective 13x18 (5x7") reflective prints. Usualy the slides are shipped in a sealed bag with desiccant. I usualy also provide an evelope and reclosable bag for returning the test charts after scanning.

Do not touch the targets on the surface. If possible, always wear gloves when handling the targets. Avoid exposing the test charts to strong light, humidity or heat. It took many hours peparing the test charts and they can not be replaced or reproduced. So please, avoid causing scratches or other harm to them!

Do not remove the slide films out of the frames. If you scanner can't scan slides with their frames, let me know and I will shipp you unframed films.


As we mainly want to adjust and test profilers, you should scan the target exactly the same way you would normaly scan an IT8 target. The only request I do make is, scan them with >8 Bit if possible as the density range of the charts is too big for 8 bit. Use the maximum resolution of your scanner if possible (but this is not that important). Scan the complete target, with the margins and not just the rectangle with the patches.


Image 1

Image 2

Image 5

Image 3

Image 4

Saving the scandata

Reference files

In order to save postage, reference files are not shipped with the test images. In case you do want to create a profile based on the test charts, download the reference files from .

Returning the charts

Return all test charts and the data CD/DVD to

Wolf Faust
Berger Str. 195
60385 Frankfurt

In case of further questions, just email or give me a phone call (phone ++49-69-5486556, mobile ++49-179-6924769):

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